Welcome to the Manchester High School

Room 131

The Student Support Center is a counseling, crisis and mediation resource center. We are dedicated to providing a place where all Manchester High School students regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation can come together as a community to help resolve differences while offering help to each other in times of need. As a multicultural center, we are devoted to maintaining a safe and supportive environment while respecting each student's individuality and unique abilities. Through our programs, we strive to build a school-wide atmosphere of respect, acceptance and caring. We believe that, in partnership with MHS staff, administrators, community and families, we can help all students reach personal success.

The Student Support Center is located in Room 108Feel free to stop by and make an appointment to see:

Ms. Pels-Roulier, MS, LPC860.645.5354

Ms. Michael-Rogers, LCSW860.647.3557

Services that we offer:

Individual and Crisis Counseling

Support Groups

Peer Mediation

The H.E.R.O.s (Helping Everyone Reach Out)

Community Involvement

Statement on ConfidentialityFrequently Asked Questions